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Our Promise


Unifold products are guaranteed for one (1) year against manufacturer’s defects.

However, in order to assure a lifetime of reliable and easy operation, we recommend Operable Walls & Accordion Doors be serviced regularly. More important than the wellbeing of the product, regular service will help to prevent safety issues caused from neglect and general wear and tear. Over time, head tracks can collect dust, making doors and wall panels more difficult to move. Often times this occurs subtly and over a period of time, making it hard to notice when your door or wall is not operating at an optimum level of performance. We suggest a regular servicing yearly. This is the best way to protect your investment and assure many years of use.

Operable Wall & Accordion Door services include:

  • Cleaning and adjustment of tracks and wheel carriers
  • Lubrication of track systems
  • Complete inspection of all parts including mechanical seals and carriers
  • Integrity inspection of all rubber parts, including stile seals and floor/track sweeps
  • Overall inspection of structure to assure stability and strength of wall or door

We want to make sure that our product is performing to your standards and is maintaining the same level of performance as the day we handed it over to you.