Our Operable Walls provide an elegant and efficient solution to meet your space division needs.

Operable Wall panels are factory assembled, top supported, and manually operated. With several available options, we can construct your Operable Wall to meet a wide range of sound reduction needs. Our design requires no floor track however as an accessory you can choose the optional retracting floor seal for additional tolerance. 

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All products are manufactured in Australia at our state-of-the-art facility, always to exacting standards and using quality componentry. Acoustic tests are carried out and certified by an Australian Acoustical Authority to AS 1276, meeting NATA approved specifications.


RW Rating Chart
34-37Loud Speech Understood (standard wall)
38-42Normal Speech Audible
43-44Loud Speech Audible
45-47Loud Speech Barely Audible
48-50Shouting Not Audible


Seal Option 1:
Fixed top and bottom seals: the most economical solution for sealing off between the panels and the floor/track. Seals can accommodate 12mm variance in floor levels due to ‘tear-offs’ in each finger.
Seal Option 2:
Fixed top and retractable bottom seals: mainly used when floor levels exceed 20mm (up to 25mm), but also used on very high applications, where ease of operation is most critical. Seals can be activated manually or automatically.
Seal Option 3:
Retractable top and bottom seals: only recommended when the track and ceiling are perfectly flush for specific design. Seals can be activated manually or automatically.
Option 1:
An expanding panel has two (2) telescopic wing sections that expand out to create a seal. Opposite end closure is a balloon seal. Operated by winding up the expander key into the keyhole to close off the wall.

Option 2:
A full height pass door is positioned as the last panel and is hinged off a fixed jamb. Both ends of the wall have aluminium jambs and a concealed foot bolt is incorporated in the panel adjacent to the pass door.

Centre Stack – the most simple and basic stacking option available. Each panel includes one centrally located 4-wheel trolley. Panels are operated and hinged in pairs for extra stability.

Side Stack
– side stack allows you to store the panels slightly off to the side of the main track. Each panels includes two (2) heavy duty bearing disc-trolleys. The easiest way to operate the panels as they are individually pushed along the track.

Remote Stack – Remote stack allows you to store the panels wherever you wish, such as a closet or stacking bay, which both protects the panels while also keeping them out of view. Similar to the side stack but panels are moved along the track to be stacked away from the main track.

OW55 Track
Ow55 is the standard track used for our operable walls. A 4-wheel trolley passes through the track for a centre stack and for side and remote stack, two (2) heavy duty bearing disc-trolleys go through it. Also, a 100mm curved junction is used for this track for the stack bay legs.

Counter-rotating track

Counter rotating track is usually used for heavier walls, like walls with heights over 3.5m and for walls with complex or custom stacking options. Together with this, it uses heavy duty puck carriers. This track does not need curved junctions because of its shape and design.

Our panel face are mainly composed of MDF or the medium-density fibreboard. One at each face and insulation material in between the faces. The MDF panel faces are protected within the aluminium frame leaving 10mm exposed aluminium surrounds when the panels are closed.

70 Series9 mm MDF
100 Series18 mm MDF


Standard panel finishes include pinboard, whiteboard and vinyl, which you can choose from our wide colour ranges. Textiles or patterned finish are also available, our suppliers include instyle, woven image, rim fabrics and  baresque.

Aluminum track and frames are supplied standard as natural annodised. If required, we can also have these powder coated to your desired colour for a professional high end finish to your wall.


Panels can be secured by the placement of a footbolt from every pair of panels into the floor. The footbolt ensures stability and interlocking panels are set before engaging the next pair of panels.


Various accessories can be fixed to our walls such as magnetic whiteboards, pen rails, inset pass door, kick plates and view panels.

Whiteboard height = 1200 mm (standard) Pen rail height = 100 mm
Kick plate height = 100 mm
Inset pass door width = 900 mm (opening) Inset pass door height = 2100 mm (opening)


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