Panel Thickness 10mm 12mm
Panel Width 100mm 145mm
Structure MDF  
Finishes Timber Veneer, Vinyl*  
Hinges Continuous UV-Stabilised PVC  
Wheels *Nylon treated precision Bearing  
Track *Aluminium  
Track Size 30mm x 35mm  
Hardware * *PVC Handles, Latch or 4x magnets  
Lock Whitco 860317 (Optional)  
STC Raing
Stack Depth 10% of opening + 65mm 10% of opening + 110mm
Weight 9kg/m2 12kg/m2
Max Height 2.7m 3.6m
Max Opening 6 metres or Contact your local representative  
Use Domestic/Commercial  

All our Folding Doors are custom made to suit your desired requirements although as a standard finish, you can choose from our wide range of vinyl colours.

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